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Passive Poker Income

Advanced Poker Strategies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs considering the results of ‘long term’, the average slot machines offer a higher profit than video poker. The reason is obvious: poker is a game of skill, and market competition forced all kinds of casinos to award the winner of the game with better skills than a game of luck. Most people are not skilled in playing casino games, so the casino can give a great gift for those who mastered this risky game, with the assumption that the gains will be reached from mistakes of other players. This is the key of all kinds of casino games. You can find all the Roulette bonuses which can help you winning some extra money playing at online casinos.

I can show you how to get the most out of video poker machines, but you have to remember that the maximum benefit may still be less than 100%. Each theoretical advantages of video poker machines that are less than 100% means that the casino provide advantages for you, and this applies to slot machines, Baccarat, and Roulette. The difference is the casino edge in video poker games may (but not always) relatively small; approximately 1% or more. Even with making a lot of mistakes, the average player might be able to achieve long-term gains of more than 97% when playing video poker is a great game. This version of video poker offers the advantage 99.54% if the players play the right strategy.

To be effective in achieving total profit of video poker game, a person must receive a Royal Flush and the Straight Flush. It is rare; Royal average will only appear once every 40,000 hands and a Straight Flush once every 9000 hands. Because we are facing an average of a random game, no one can stop you from getting Royal at first hand, but this is unlikely to happen. Obviously, if you are going to play regularly, you will be willing to pay part of the inevitable defeat and that is an integral part of the video poker and you will be willing to learn to play with the right strategy, then video poker is a better way to do, because the long-term outcomes would be much better.